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The main idea behind the creation of the Sangter Foundation is to support the development of Sikkim – one of states of India, located in the Himalayan Region, at the foothill of Kanchenjunga.
Under the auspices of Sangter Tulku Rinpoche, a Buddhist teacher, abbot of two Buddhist monasteries from Karma Kamtzang lineage, a group of volunteers from Poland and other countries has been working on improving the quality of life of people inhabiting this mountainous region.

South Sikkim is a region at the foothill of the third highest peak of the world – Kanchenjunga.
The area is scarcely populated, mountainous, subject to rough Himalayan climate, with poor road infrastructure and majority of population living of agriculture. It is a very ethnically diverse region, with extremely rich history and culture. It is also in a dire need of help, and this is what the Sangter Foundation, supported by people of good will, is trying to do.


Sangter Foundation - square

Sangter Foundation's success is a collaborative effort involving H.E. Sangter Rinpoche's followers, students, friends, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters worldwide. We initiate international projects to collect funds, knowledge, equipment, and human resources, aiming to establish an efficient healthcare system, enhance local communities' quality of life, provide education, and preserve the rich culture of the region.

Additionally, we gladly support initiatives that improve human health and quality of life, prioritizing acts of kindness for others regardless of geographical location or circumstances.


Sangter Foundation - square
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Sangter Foundation

Sangter Foundation


Established in 2015, Sangter Foundation supports Sikkim's development and residents' well-being.

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Sangter Rinpoche biography

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Venerable Sangter Tulku Rinpoche is a reincarnation of terton Dorje Lingpa. Born in Sikkim Venerable Sangter Rinpoche was formally recognized as a Tulku from the Nyingmapa tradition.

His education begins at the Institute of Higher Nyingma Studies - Deorali Shedra in Gangtok, Sikkim, India, where he studied according to Nyingma tradition. Venerable Sangter Tulku Rinpoche continues his education at Namdroling Shedra in Karnataka, South India for the next two years.

Then he studied and completed the three-year meditation retreat in Benchen Monastery Retreat Center in Pharping, Nepal under the guidance of Kyabye Tenga Rinpoche and His Eminence Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche.

Although he is responsible for his own monasteries in Sikkim, in appreciation for his dedication in working for the Benchen community, Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche and Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche, consider him a Rinpoche from Benchen monastery.

Venerable Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche recommended fully Sangter Tulku Rinpoche as a Buddhist teacher, underlining that people can rely both on his education and his meditation experience

During the summer course in the year 2010 in the Buddhist Centre in Grabnik Venerable Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche said:
"When Sangter Tulku Rinpoche reached the age of seventeen or eighteen, he was with His Eminence Chatral Rinpoche. At that time, Chatral Rinpoche made a prophecy for him, by saying: 'it would be a great benefit for your future if, for your further education, you go to Benchen Monastery'. So then, around the age of seventeen or eighteen, he went to Benchen Monastery and entered this tradition. He started studying all the necessary monastic rituals and other things. Eventually, he went to the three-year retreat centre in Benchen Retreat Centre known as Benchen Drubde Osal Ling in Pharping, Nepal. He did the three years and seven-months intensive retreat. I consider him a very good practitioner. During his three-year retreat, he definitely managed to gain excellent experiences and realization. Especially, Sangter Rinpoche loves me very much. He has given all his heart to me and I always consider Sangter Rinpoche as one of the tulkus, one of the Rinpoches of Benchen Monastery".


Sangter Foundation and its objectives

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The main objective of Sangter Foundation projects in Sikkim is to create an efficient, basic health care system available to all inhabitants of the region. Because of very poor road infrastructure and difficulties to reach some areas of Sikkim, access to health care is seriously hindered or, in some places during winter and monsoon, even impossible.

We, as Sangter Foundation, want to change this. We want local people to know that in case of a disease, an accident or labour there is a place nearby that can provide them with quick and efficient basic medical help. For us, it is essential, that such help does not require people to travel a long distance to health care centres and does not require huge expenditures either. We think medical care should be widely available, easily accessed and delivered with kindness and care.

At present we are focusing mostly on:

  • building new or adapting the existing infrastructure for medical purposes,
  • supply existing buildings with all necessary equipment
  • organizing the transfer of knowledge, skills and human resources to make this procjets happen

We are also working tirelessly to build the foundations for future generations of healthcare worker, by creating an education system that would educate future nurses, midwives, natural medicine therapists and health-related medical sciences, representatives.
All these objectives are accomplished by our main medical project that focuses on everything health-related: the Sangter Foundation Clinic.

In our vision, a Clinic is a place where doctors, physiotherapists, midwives, herbalists and other medical professionals representatives are trying to do their best to make medical support, both conventional and natural medicine, accessible to all the Sikkimese.

Do you need more information or maybe do you plan to actively participate or support projects of Sangter Foundation Clinic?
Or maybe are you interested in travelling to Sikkim and work “on the ground” with our projects?
Please let us know by emailing us at

Other activities

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Besides actively supporting the Sangter Foundation Clinic, the Sangter Foundation also focuses on activities allowing the sharing of knowledge, experience, and skills. Thanks to these projects and initiatives we want to improve the quality of life of local communities, activate local entrepreneurship, have a major impact on the development of education, protect the rich and diversified culture of the region, and help the people of Sikkim leading easier, better lives, despite all the inconveniences and difficult conditions.

Our initiatives cover the following areas:


  • cultural and architectural heritage conservation and reconstruction program
  • conservation and reconstruction workshops
  • ballet workshops (dance theatre)
  • opening a library and publishing house


  • bakery and a sewing workshop; set-up and construction
  • social revitalization of local communities
  • woman professional reintegration program
  • protection and support for local handicrafts
  • transfer of knowledge and skills to protect the heritage of regional products


  • activities to set up a waste management system in the region
  • education about renewable energy sources and preparing a framework for an eco-energy system
  • introduction biodiversity program in the region with elements of environmental education
  • supporting 100% organic farming in Sikkim


  • language exchanges program (teaching English and Tibetan)
  • scholarships for future Sikkimese conventional and natural doctors and therapists
  • general education programs for children
  • local school support (transfer of knowledge and resources)
  • medical education workshops and program


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We believe that our initiatives will have long-term effects in the form of improved quality of life and health status of the Sikkimese.
We also invest in quick, short, very much needed actions, like help in organising medical transport for patients to other regions, when help cannot be provided on site; or more emotional projects like buying crayons, sweets or shoes for children from Sikkimese schools.

Do you see yourself supporting one or more of our activities? Do you know an interesting project or initiative that we could get engaged in?
Do not hesitate to email us at

Most recent projects

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  • medical volunteering: organisation of a travel of Polish physicians of different spacialisations (ophthalmology, GP, physiotherapy, homeopathy, medical help;
  • purchase of medications necessary for our volunteering doctors;
  • purchase of dental equipment for Sangter Clinic in Ravangla;
  • preparation of offices and rooms at the Clinic;
  • organisation of a travel of a professional, renowned baker and pastry chef from Poland, to educate employees of our new bakery built in Sikkim;
  • ballet classes for children;
  • purchase of equipment for ballet classes;
  • education program: oral health and dental diseases prevention;
  • yoga classes; corrective exercises and rehabilitation classes;
  • collecting and purchase of ophthalmic equipment;
  • help in organising the first Kagyu Monlam in Sikkim;
  • conservation of heritage paintings program in Ravangla;
  • supporting trial running Mossarun 2020&2021, Sweden ;
  • sanitization program, Ravangla ;
  • material and financial support for those in need;
  • supporting Kashubian Philharmonic - Wejherowo Cultural Centre & Teatr Tańca Saraswatii, "Mother Earth" online spectacle;
  • cooperation and supporting homeless shelter in Poland;
  • with cooperation with Tathagata Tsal, organizing and sponsoring winter course;
  • supporting local activities, project of building Zyembo Tashi Chokpa (Barfung, Lingtam).

Upcoming projects

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  • continuous building and development of Sangter Clinic;
  • opening ophthalmology (eye disease) clinic department of Sangter Clinic;
  • daily support to most affected by current circumstances (distribution of dry food rations; blankets, small medical equipment) ;
  • opening acupuncture department of Sangter Clinic;
  • laying foundations for educational infrastructure;
  • support school library opening;
  • setting up foundation for cultural heritage reconstruction project.
  • cooperation project with
  • supporting a homeless shelter for women (Poland);
  • activities & cooperation with different NGO’s; “Supporting homeless” project (Poland).


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We are an international network of students, supporters, friends, and volunteers, that actively work in both Asia and Europe. Our efforts are continuously supported by people from Poland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Russia, India, Malaysia, and Singapore.

We always support initiatives aimed at improving the quality of human life and health, especially ones thanks to which we can do something good for the others, irrespectively of geographical location and circumstances.


Sangter Foundation - square

Enjoy the photo gallery showing our latest activities.
Meet our people and places where Sangter Foundation works 😊